“I just saw this show for the first time tonight and although it was not the first time I have heard Paul speak, it still moved me beyond words. Paul - your voice is truly a gift, and I consider myself blessed to have had you share it with my students as well as myself.  Your messages are inspiring and I believe you make people want to become better people and change their lives. It is my pleasure to pass the word about this show and the emotions it conjures. It is one of a kind. Congratulations on living your dream and sharing it with us!” ~ P.B.

“I loved it . . . saw it twice, and truly look forward to seeing it still again.  No matter what your background, there is a trace, if not more, of something to relate to in the play - an aunt, uncle, grandparents, best friends, music, it is about life and living. The play is professional and very well written and directed - the audience (for both presentations) was mesmerized and fully engaged into every word - you could hear a pin fall on cotton! I have no doubt that the play will have every opportunity to hit Broadway, TV, and screen . . . it has all of the ingredients, with potentially extended storylines.” ~ G.B.

"A very unique, creative, energetic performance by an extremely talented man. I had the pleasure of experiencing this most entertaining show at the Middle Country Library last week. It was absolutely fantastic !!! I would recommend this to anyone and thank Paul and Michael for bringing this wonderful show to us." C.J.

"Tonight my husband Jack and I were fortunate to see this multi-faceted one-man show. It touched on being raised by Italian parents, growing up in the 60's, the importance of family and Paul's love for his occupation in law enforcement. A must see! It's a two hour show, but is packed with a good 6 hours of dialogue. Better than any play I've seen in years! Kudos to Paul Failla!​" ~ J.S.

"What an experience! We had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the show tonight and were stunned, moved, and in stitches all within the period of two hours.  Paul captures the audience's attention from the first moment he steps on stage and gains our trust and friendship as he walks us through his life's journey. With every story we see ourselves and our families in him and as we grow closer, we start to realize that we are all the same at the end of the day.  Michael Moriarty directed the performance and masterfully created timing and beats which served to nuance the delivery and truly elevated a one-man show into a theatrical masterpiece. Thank you!" ~ T.K.

I saw your show tonight for the second time and it was amazing how I knew what came next, yet I was still in stitches with laughter and still shed many tears. I brought another family member, who didn't know what to expect and he was wiping his eyes and hugging me as an unspoken thank you for bringing him to this emotional and astounding performance. Paul- I truly consider myself one of your biggest fans and I never waste an opportunity to tell someone about your show. You and Michael are truly affecting people and changing lives... Thank you again for this experience !!!!" ~ P.B.

"I cannot express enough how greatly inspiring this show was! I will see it again when I have the chance, and I highly recommend to all to catch it!” ~ J.R.

“A wonderful show about family, honor, respect, and growing up Italian with sprinkles of hilarity strewn throughout! I definitely got choked up a few times.” ~ D.M.